Start Up Business

Start Up Business

Helpful Advice For New Business Start-Ups

At Financial Management Consultant we welcome start-up businesses to come and talk to us. We can help you from day one to find the best methods of bookkeeping, the best tax saving positions and help you to break down that accountancy fee by paying monthly. Cashflow is one of the most important factors for any start up business.

Business Structure
Are you going to launch your business as a sole trader, partnership or limited company? Some of the criteria that should be considered are commercial risk, expected profitability, financing, use of cars for company purposes, and of course tax planning preparation and VAT considerations.

Business Plan
Have you set out your business objectives in writing? Can you demonstrate qualified experience in the type of business that you want to launch? How are you going to finance the company? What are your expectations for sales, profitability and investment in assets? Have you consolidated all this information in a formal business plan?

Banks and Finance companies
Identify your “friendly bank manager” and make sure that you are well prepared for the critical first meeting.

VAT (Value Added Tax)
You should decide whether it is in your best interests to register for VAT from commencement, at some future date. The decision you make on this point will affect both the profitability and cash flow of your fledgling business. Please look at our VAT section for more information.

Tax Traps to avoid!
Tax Penalties – as soon as you have set a start date, ensure that you notify Revenue Commissioners of your intention to commence trading.
VAT Penalties – do not represent yourself as registered for VAT if you are not, this is considered fraud. If you do register for VAT submit your returns and pay your vat on time to avoid interest and surcharges.
Missing Invoices – always obtain a proper invoice for any business purchase, a VAT invoice if you are registered for VAT, otherwise you may find that your claim for tax relief will be denied, as will your VAT reclaim.

Company Car
Whether you are self employed or a limited company planning for the use of a car in your business needs to be thought through carefully. Self employed persons will need to keep a log of business mileage to backup any claim for tax relief. Limited company owners will need to compare the cost of running a car either inside or outside the company – potentially high personal tax charges may be payable if this cost comparison exercise is not undertaken.

How we can help?
We are often asked to advise businesses who have failed to adequately plan their business start-up. It is much easier to avoid making mistakes, and to maximise your future chances of success if this pre-launch planning is undertaken with professional help. As with most new ventures it is not what you know that catches you out, but what you don’t know!
We would be delighted to assist with the preparation of a business plan, and to help you choose the best business structure for your venture.

Limited Company – How to limit your liabilities and keep more of your business profits.

  • VAT – How to get registered and what to consider.
  • PAYE – Issues for Employers and Employees

If you would like to discuss starting your business then call us on 01-8486816 or complete our enquiry form and we will call you back.